Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I totally believe in being grateful for all things, big and small....

- I am grateful for my eyes. they make it possible for me to see the beauty around me, for me to read books, to see where I am driving my truck. The make it possible for me to see babies, old folks, and all in between. I love being able to see animals, to see the view from my home, lakes, mountains and all of nature at it's finest.

- I am grateful for my hands/wrists/arms for without them I would not have my independence. I am thankful to have the ability to be independent, to do what I need to do for myself. Having a broken wrist and a sprained wrist have made me really realize just how much we do with our hands/wrists/arms, just how important they are to our every day life. Two hands/wrists/arms make it possible to take care of my personal hygiene, to feed myself, to clean my home and to care for my animals, as well as to drive my vehicle. Only a few months ago I had to depend on others to open doors, to put seat belts on me in their vehicle, to wash my hair and all other little and big things one needs hands for.

- I am grateful for my legs/feet/ankles as they make it possible for me to walk, to drive, to enjoy much of life that I otherwise couldn't partake in. My good friend Joyce shattered her ankle and I see how adversely that affects her life. She can't walk more than a few feet at a time and often must use a walker. Since I have been taking her to wanding group (see above link to Amega Global) she has been doing much better and for that I am also very thankful.

- I am grateful I have nice skin as it helps me to look attractive and to feel good about myself. I have never had to use acne face wash, just normal washing of my face. I've had very few pimples and only then when having my 'monthlies'. I am blessed to have very few wrinkles, I am blessed to have "my father's skin".

- I am grateful for my home. I know that many people have no home at all and it is way too cold to be outside with no home to go to, no bed to sleep in. I am safe and comfortable in my home. Though it is not the nicest home on the block and all my siblings have nicer homes than mine, I know that mine is perfect for me and I am so very happy to have it.

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