Friday, January 21, 2011

Smokin' Baby!

I must admit that I am smokin', Baby!! No, not smoking as in puffing on a arturo fuente or a Players or anything like that. I mean smokin'! Okay, what I am talking about is my exercise. 3 nights in a row I did 45 minutes on my exercise bike then yesterday I did none due to a headache I had all day. Today I went to my regular Thursday TOPS meeting and of course the regular weigh in. I am down 2.25 pounds!! I was the "best TOPS" today so that was cool. I had planned that tonight I would do another 45 minutes on the exercise bike, but I didn't do that. Why?? Because I did 50 minutes instead! Haha. It feels really good I must admit. I am determined to turn the fat to healthy muscle, to see smaller numbers on the scale and to wear smaller clothes. Yup, healthy and slim is my goal. I plan to do minimum 45 minutes exercise minimum of 4 days per week, expanding it eventually to minimum 60 minutes exercise minimum of 5 days per week. I also plan to eat less 'junk' and less bread, as well as more vegetables. Not easy for me but a must if I want to be healthy.

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