Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday January 21st

Today I went to town and picked up a letter from my physio therapist to take to the surgeon that did the repair work on my shattered left wrist. I then went for x-rays on the wrist so the surgeon would have current pictures to look at, then it was time to drive over for my appointment with said surgeon. I have been having a lot of pain in the wrist and lower arm, especially if I try to use it, bend the wrist or pick up something even as small as a book. I also have pain in the thumb and what the call a 'trigger finger' in the middle finger due to the tendon getting stuck. The surgeon, Dr. Splawinski, has now scheduled me for a second surgery that I hadn't planned on. It seems that the pain is likely due to complications with the metal plate & 9 screws he had to put in when he did the repair surgery in September. At this point, it sounds like it will be March 30 when I have the surgery to remove the screws and plate, but that will be up to the hospital. I sure hope it is that day as then I can still be healed enough to ride my trike this year. Dr. S. figures May or June is what I'm looking at now to start riding again. Usually these metal plates & screws are left in for the rest of a person's life, but if they cause problems they can be removed and I am one of the few that have to get it taken back out. I'm not happy about this but guess it has to be done so no point in whining about it.

This evening I did a full hour on my exercise bike. This is the longest time so far. I'm feeling good about this, mentally & physically.

Now off to bed to read and sleep. Nite all!!

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