Monday, January 03, 2011

My Ride

I love my ride.... my Yamaha 650 Maxim custom Trike. It was a total wreck in September when I was riding it and was riding through the city where I live and was in a collision with a car (100% her fault), so I am currently keeping my eyes open for parts to rebuild. I have arranged to buy another Yamaha 650 Maxim motorcycle and will use most of the back end of the old trike, though still will need some new/used parts to put it back on the road.

What do you ride? If it's a snowmobile, I can't help you with parts, though if it's a snowblower you are in luck as I know where you can get snowblower parts. Even if you have a walk behind snowblower you can get parts for it here. 95% of all parts ship the same business day · Return any part for any reason, even electrical or special order parts · Call or use live chat from 8:00 am until midnight 7 days a week · More than 1,500,000 parts for more than 125 brands · More than 200,000 high definition photographs · Easy to use part replacement videos · Free online repair help for most repairs · Appeared in more than 5,000 magazines, newspapers and TV news programs · A+ BBB ranking and very high rating on online review sites.

Since it's the dead of winter and even if I had a working trike I couldn't ride it at this time of year or with my wrist that was broken in the crash, I would love to have this snowblower to ride. It sure would help in my yard as a snowblower by winter and a lawn mower by summer.

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