Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

The time is tick-tick-ticking away.... slowly heading towards midnight. The year

is coming to an end along with this day.

The clock on my computer says it is 11:11pm, a special time to be sure, and it tells me just how close we are getting to that moment in time when this year will end and the new year will begin, filled with hope and promise for a better, happier, healthier, slimmer, trimmer, more love filled and joy filled year of greater prosperity. Yes, we all pin our hopes on the new year, wanting it to be better than the old one. There is a way to insure that it is better... change the way we think and we change our experiences in life.

One sure way of changing our lives and making them better, happier, richer, etc. is to practice gratitude.

Just take a moment here and there to count your blessings.

For everything, great and small, give thanks.

I have so very much to be grateful for and I take time each day to thank God for the many many things I have to be thankful for. Some are as simple as:

- I am grateful for my eyes as they allow me to see the beauty that surrounds me.
- I am grateful for my ears, for with them I get to hear music, laughter, birds singing, and all other things that I can enjoy &/or learn from.
- I am grateful for my feet and for my legs as they make it possible for me to stand and to walk, to drive my truck and my trike.
- I am grateful for my hands and my wrists and my arms. They make it possible for me to care for myself and others, to pick up my food and feed myself, to pet my animals and to take care of them all.

Having been in a crash this year, I am even more thankful now than I was before for my hands & wrists. Having had the left wrist shattered and the right one sprained I have come to really appreciate just how much we depend on the use of our hands for great and small things every day. Just for a day try not using your hands, or even think of each little thing you use your hands for and notice just how wonderful a creation they really are.... be grateful for them. Slowly I am getting the use of my left hand back, but it is still unknown if I will ever get full use of it back. I am so grateful that I can again type with it.

I also think of the 'outside' things for which I am grateful, such as though not limited to:

- I am grateful for my home. It is cold outside tonight and I am blessed to have a home to live in and a fire going in the stove to keep my home warm and comfortable for me and my animals.
- I am grateful for each and every one of my animals: Mewsic (cat); Grace Hawk (rabbit); Sheri, Daisy, Smudge & Charlie (chinchillas); DW (Indian Ringneck Parrot/Parakeet; Friday & Miracle (Pacific Parrotlets); Angel, Stud Muffin, Tiki & Billy Bob (Cockatiels). They give me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and to come home again each time I leave.
- I am grateful for my computers... for oh so many reasons.
- I am grateful for the food I eat as it nourishes my body.
- I am grateful for the clothes I wear.

And I can go on and on and on... but I won`t just now.

I had many sad times in 2010, and I also had many happy times, many things to be grateful for. I know that I am truly blessed in many ways. I look forward to the coming year, knowing that it too is filled with many things I will be grateful for. It is filled with much excitement, joy, love, prosperity, abundance, friendship and.... more.

As the last second of 2010 and the first second of 2011 approach, I wish you all much to be grateful for. I wish you all the very best of everything in this wonderful year and beyond.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to seeing you again throughout the coming year.

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Pamela said...

What a lovely post. I am THANKFUL that I read it!