Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Wishes for YOU!!

I send you love and wishes for a most Merry Christmas and a 2011 filled with Joy, Peace and Love for you and your loved ones.

I also send a 'Christmas Gift'. It's a free download that could well help your 2011 be a lot more prosperous. I've downloaded it before but didn't get around to reading it... sigh, so just downloaded it again and am finding it very interesting whenever I find a few moments to read. I look forward to a quieter time soon, lol.

Well, I think I am about as ready for Christmas as I will be this year. Much of it is already over and much left to come. December 2nd was my TOPS group party... full turkey dinner for lunch, games to play, gift exchange where I was fortunate to get what I felt was the best gift, a hand quilted wall hanging of snowmen. December 18 was a turkey dinner at my sister Marcy's in Enderby including a gift exchange before M & her husband left for Whiterock, Las Vegas, & 4 months in Arizona/California. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, I go to Mom's in Enderby in the morning for gift exchange and to spend the day with her, we'll go to a church dinner later in the day. Monday is another family dinner at Mom's. My 2 brothers and their families will be there, one from Langley and one north of Edmonton. I'm making my 'famous' bread pudding for desert.

And now... off to dreamland or Santa won't stop by. Well, okay, so he refuses to stop here anyway ever since the crash... sigh. He tried to park on my roof which is metal and very steep. It was a nasty mess. Ah well, maybe some day Santa & the reindeer will get over it and stop in again. In the meantime, they drop my gifts at Mom's so I have to get there early to open them. Night night, and may your morning bring you lots of good stuff under the tree.

Merry Christmas and a Joy, Peace and Love filled 2011!!

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Mele Kalikimaka e Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!