Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I often daydream about things I would like to change in my home, about renovations I'd like to do here. I mean, if you're going to stay in a place for a long time you may as well make it what you want and I've lived in this place for 20 years now. I've done some renovations: 1997 built on a 10x32 addition, a new roof over top the mobile home and both additions, a carport, changed all the windows, cut 3 doors through the mobile wall into the additions, a divider wall and new ceiling in old addition. 1998 a mosaic ceramic til floor in my bathroom. 2008 laminate floors in living room, kitchen, loom room, bedroom & hallway. Some of the things I still dream of doing include: large deck out back overlooking the lake, new kitchen counters/cupboards, enlarge bathroom & put in larger tub. I think it would be great for the bathroom to do part of the outside wall with those clear glass blocks and do the tub surround with glass tile work. I think it would go well with my floor as well as adding more natural light in the room. I think closing in the carport for another room and building the carport in a different place would be good too. Yup, I am a dreamer.

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