Friday, November 12, 2010

Weight Loss

Very nearly 2 years ago, I was wondering how to lose stomach fat fast, as well as how to loose fat from other parts of my body. One evening at Toastmasters I was talking to Pat and the subject of weight loss came up. I said I'd like to loose weight and she invited me to attend the TOPS meeting with her that Thursday morning. I went and on that day, January 15, 1008, I joined. Over the next year I dropped 20 pounds. Sadly I have been gaining a pound here & there again lately, but since I weigh in every Thursday I am very aware of this and know I must make changes in what I eat and how much I move in order to get this going back in the right direction for my looks and my health. I am going to keep a 'food journal' for the next while, recording what I eat as well as when & why. I will also record water and other drinks as well as exercise I do. This will help me to see what I've been doing wrong and correct it. I am sure that eating lots of scones has something to do with it, so that must change to eating a scone only occasionally.

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