Friday, November 19, 2010

My Weight and Health

I don't really believe in taking medications for anything unless it is totally the last choice and yet even I have been tempted lately with the idea of taking what could be the best weight loss pills. Not that I'm going to yet if ever, but I have been 'out of control' with my eating lately and have been gaining weight instead of loosing it. Every Thursday I go to my TOPS meeting and weigh in. Last year most weeks I had a loss, earlier this year lots of ups and downs resulting in staying about the same, but since my crash I have been 'bad'. With a shattered wrist and a sprained wrist I just ate what I could get my hands on... nothing I had to cook or prepare so nothing healthy, just stuff that would fill the emptiness in my stomach. Usually I wear jeans so if I am gaining weight with them, it shows with discomfort in tightness, but now I can only wear stretchy pants that are easy to get into with damaged wrists. This has resulted in gains. I have now recommitted to getting under control for my weight and for diabetes. I HAVE to get back under control or be in very grave danger. I am now writing down what I eat, and when as well as back to taking my blood glucose readings and writing them down too. This will all help me to see where I am going wrong and where I need to make changes. I also must get back to more regular exercise.

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