Thursday, October 28, 2010


I never shop online, do you? I guess lots of people do, and I've been tempted a few times when I browse around sites like rocawear and see nice things for not loads of money. However, I'm the type of person that likes to touch and feel things, to look at the way clothes drape, to see the colors in the different lights, and of course to try them on to see how they fit, how they look on me. I can't really tell from seeing them on a model if they would look and feel good on me or not. I actually don't even shop a lot in the stores either. I occasionally go to the second hand store that I like and look there for what I want or need. Usually I find what I'm looking for and get it/them for very reasonable prices. I have 2 sisters and I know neither of them would shop in second hand stores, especially for clothes, but gladly I am not them. Without second hand stores I would be running around naked or at least in very old, patched, out of date clothes. Yup, I like my second hand store when I actually have to shop.

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