Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recumbent Bike

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to buy a recumbent exercise bike in good used condition for $15, so I grabbed it. I don't like the regular exercise bikes, but find the recumbent bikes much better. This isn't exactly like mine, but gives you a good idea....

The other day I finally got on it and used it. I did 15 minutes, non-stop. I didn't do it super fast, but did a fairly decent speed and steady for that full time. Today I got on it again and this time did 20 minutes while watching TV. I must admit I did not do it non-stop this time, I stopped twice, once to grab the nail polish & hand lotion from the desk beside me which only took seconds and I used the lotion while peddling. Then I stopped for a couple minutes to put the polish on my nails and continued peddling, letting my nails dry as I worked. Oh, I know it would be easier, less work, to just go to www.dietpillswithephedra.net and have them ship me pills to take for weight loss, but that's not my style. I want to give my cardiovascular system a good workout, to keep my blood sugar levels in check, my muscles strong, and loose the weight all at the same time, so I choose to exercise. I plan to get on this bike every day, or at least nearly every day, and work out on it. As I get more used to it I will do longer times and/or tighten the wheel so it's harder work to peddle so gives more workout in the time I am doing it. I am looking forward to my new healthier body.

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