Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have never really been one to 'pamper' myself, to use face creams or hand andbody lotions or stuff like that. I've always just been 'natural'. Lately though I have been thinking I need to start taking better care of my skin, after all, I'm not getting any younger. I used to like wearing nail polish, but my nails would dry out and break every time I did, and with leading an active life I don't really take care of long nails. I used to work with & ride horses, not a 'nice nail' activity. More recently I 'pulled wrenches' helping to build my trike, also not 'nail friendly'. I long ago just accepted that my nails are what they are, short and okay, not something you polish up. Now, having had my left arm in a cast and having limited use of it, my nails on that hand have grown fairly long and I'm liking it. My friend Joyce has really long, thick, strong nails and she says a lot of it is the Mane & Tail Hoofmaker lotion she uses. I just 'have to' try it, so bought some of this the other day. My hands have been almost painfully dry lately and normal lotions haven't been helping a lot, so I have been happy to use this as it is moisturizing my skin. Hopefully it's also going to strengthen my nails. I'm even going to order some nail polish from Avon, inexpensive but good quality, and paint my nails again like I did when I was young. I've started using moisturizer lotions on my face lately too. Oh, their not exactly a fancy anti wrinkle treatment, but a good step in the right direction before I get a lot of wrinkles. Apparently as we age our skin dries out more, so we need to keep it moist, so here goes.

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