Thursday, September 02, 2010

My Truck Needs Fixing

Doing colon cleanses, or colon cleanser reviews may not be a lot of fun.... and neither is finding out that you have major truck problems. Today a mechanic had a look at my truck to see exactly what work it needs and I am not happy.

Both sides of the front end need:
- upper & lower ball joints
- radius arm bearings
- brake hoses
and of course, the labor to do all of this... $1000 just for the labor!!! The cost of the parts will be in the neighborhood of $7-800, maybe even more. So I am looking at very nearly $2000 to have this done. I know there are a couple other things that need doing too though can wait until later. I have about $200 to put towards this work, and don't know where I will get the remainder needed.

D thinks I should get a new vehicle, that it's too high a chance that once I do the above repairs to my truck it will then need something more... then more... then more. I am not sure though that anything else I could bye would be in any better shape... high risk that the 'new' vehicle would also have lots of expensive problems that need fixing. Yet there is also the chance that the 'new' vehicle could be a great one. I have had 'cheap' cars turn out to be great and not so cheap ones be garbage-on-wheels. I just don't know what to do. I live just over 8k out of the nearest town.... just over 8k from the nearest city bus system. I need to have a safe & dependable vehicle on the road. For now, I have my trike, and I am most grateful for warm, sunny days and wonder just how many of those warm, sunny days are left. The insurance runs out on my trike Oct. 18 and I suspect by then I will be wanting to have a car/truck to drive for the winter months.

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camerabanger said...

The eternal question. It can not be answered. The most one can do is weigh the pros and cons of the car repair, crunch the numbers on repair vs new purchase, mix in the intangibles (your 'gut' feeling about the viability of the vehicle), and make an educated guess. Hope you are better at it than I am.