Thursday, September 02, 2010


Yesterday Joyce & I went to Kelowna and shopped at the Lush store in their big mall. I got some new shampoo & conditioner as well as a small container of face mask. Part of me says I shouldn't have spent the money with my truck needing repairs, yet I do still need some things. The shampoo & conditioner will last a very long time. They are solid blocks, you use very little of the product, and they are very good quality, mostly natural products. I saw so many things that I want to get for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts for friends & family. If you are getting married you could get your brides maids and even groomsmen gifts at Lush as they even have products that could be used by men... though I guess most men would appreciate something from another store, haha. I just hope that by Christmas I have money to spend there so I can get many of the people on my list gifts of love from Lush.

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