Thursday, September 02, 2010


This evening when D was here welding on my trike, I wanted to cook some dinner for us and thought that buffalo smokies would be a nice treat. I thought I'd hook up the bar-b-q which I was given last fall and haven't used yet. I managed to find the tank of propane I have here, and dug it out. We got busy working and by the time it was time to cook, I figured it was too much work to hook up the tank to the bar-b-q and light it up for a couple little smokies. I took 2 slices of pizza out of the freezer & put them into the microwave, followed by 2 smokies. I thought later that I also have an electric grill I could have used, though smokies are already cooked so just need to be heated up. It was a very simple meal, yet rather yummy, washed down with ice cold Club Soda. I have 1 more smokie left and just thinking about it I want to go eat it... and know I have to take my Turmeric/Bromalain pills, natural anti-inflammatory that I am hoping will help with my shoulder. It has to be taken on an empty stomach so I must 'be good' and wait until tomorrow to eat that yummy treat.

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