Saturday, September 04, 2010


I've so often heard the saying "diamonds are a girl's best friend", and of course, this would even apply more if they were certified diamonds. However, dog is man's best friend. Hmmmm. As much as I like sparkly diamonds I would take a dog any day. I so miss my Reba. She was such a special dog and yes, this girl's best friend. I must tell you about my 'other best friend'.

D is a really wonderful guy who has been wanting to work on my trike and in the last couple days did exactly that. He welded not only the 2 places where the 'professional welder' had done recently and had broken again, but he also took the back wheels off to get to other areas where Ron had not gotten to and welded there too. He really went the extra mile to add more metal and more welds to insure that this braking problem will not soon return. Also, he did a much neater, nicer looking welding job. I wish he'd been able to do all the welding on my trike right from day one, though I had not yet met him back then.

Another thing he wanted to do was the brake peddle system. Tug hadn't been able to figure it out to give me good back brakes, but D changed where one rod was and walla, I had back brakes. This was not good enough for D, he still wanted to do better. Today he did a lot of work redesigning the system and moving the peddle to a different position. Welding, cutting, bending, bolting over & over until he had it as good as he could get it with the equipment he had to work with. D has a full machine shop where he lives but doesn't have much for tools here, so he rented the welder, bought a grinder & used some of the few tools I own. All in all, he's done a great job and I have really good braking power now. I can lock up my back wheels and skid the tires if I want/need to and also still have a good front brake.

Yes, D is a very good friend. A girl couldn't ask for better. It's too bad that some of life's 'stuff' makes it that we can not be more than good friends... or maybe it's a good thing. In my experience, friends last longer than lovers. Maybe I should be grateful we can 'only be friends'. I have for some time now been happy as a single woman and did not want to change that. Knowing D has to some degree made me think that maybe a relationship wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. We have so much in common, love doing the same things, and laugh together a lot. If only I could find a man like D who is free to be with me.

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