Thursday, September 09, 2010

My Day - Sept. 8

Today I did my volunteer work at the local food bank. This took the entire morning, as always. We get bread/buns/donuts/cookies/etc. in by the large bag and large Tupperware bins. We had a lot of them today. We take plastic bags and portion the above into the bags, then these are placed out front for people to take home. After that is done, the bins have to be washed in preparation for the following day. Today there was also popcorn & frozen chicken strips to be portioned. I finished the day by taking bags off the roll and opening them in preparation for the people working tomorrow to fill. It's hard to explain this, but it is a simple step that makes the job easier.

I went to the walk-in clinic and saw a Dr. about my right shoulder as it's been giving me a lot of pain for several months now. I kept thinking it would get better on its own, then went to the chiropractor and now, on the chiropractor's advice, I decided to get an x-ray done. The Dr. said the same thing as the chiropractor, that there could be calcification in the shoulder and the x-rays would show if it does. It takes 2 weeks to get into my regular Dr. and I made an appointment with him last week so will get in next Tuesday. By then he should have the results to the x-rays and be able to tell me. The pain runs from my spine to my elbow and sometimes as far down as my wrist... not fun, keeps me awake a lot as it always seems to get worse when I'm laying down.

I had a good visit with Joyce over tea at Tim Horton's, then went to the laundromat where Wendy was doing her laundry and sat in her car visiting for ages.

In 4 months, I will be old enough to get the Seniors Discount in some places, haha. To me this is a joke as I still feel like a kid.

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