Thursday, August 05, 2010


Wow, did I ever have a hard time getting here this evening. There has been cable interruptions and such happening. My friend Wendy would say it was something to do with meteor showers or star bursts or something along those lines. Speaking of Wendy, she was saying the other day she's likely going to insure her Harley... finally. Of course, things like this always depend on the almighty dollar and whether we have it or not. Wendy has to put a new roof, gutters, etc on her house so has not been riding so far this year. Around here, in our province, you can't compare companies to get the cheapest car insurance, there is just one government run insurance corporation where we all have to get our insurance. Well, at least we have to get the basic insurance there, though you can get 'extras' elsewhere. Anyway, I sure hope Wendy does get on the road soon. I am so looking forward to riding with her. So far, 98% of my riding is done by myself and that's okay though I would love to do more riding with other people. I recently joined the BC Classic Motorcycle Club online forum and drove 2 hours south to Penticton for a Okanagan Motorcycle Riders Association meeting. I want to meet other riders, just for the fun of it.

Wendy & her daughter, Nae, are planning a ride to Prince George the end of this month, about 8 hours north of here, or more depending on how fast you drive. I might go along on this, will have to decide. Would be fun, though my arms have been hurting a lot lately so will see.

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