Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dew Rags

Whether you call it a Dew Rag, a Du-rag, a Doo-rag, or a bandanna, this is a popular form of head wear with youth and adults alike. They are multi-purpose, they are fashionable and they keep sweat out of your eyes. Dew rags make a fashion statement on both men and women. They can also protect your hairdo. You can easily make a Doo-rag out of just about anything, including a T-shirt. I call it a Dew Rag, as it 'catches the dew' from my forehead. These are worn under helmets by many people who ride motorcycles. I don't know if it's a way how to prevent hair loss, but it does help hide 'helmet head' or 'helmet hair', that flattened down messed up hair from being a long time in a helmet. I really enjoy wearing mine & several people have said it looks good on me... bonus.
The Dew Rag I have is black with blue & white, it's from Mexico & has Speedy Gonzales on it. I got lucky & picked this up second hand last week for just $1. Fits my budget & my head as well as my life style.

I've been looking at it and thinking it would not be hard to make these bandannas. Not that I'm a great sewer, but I can sew some and do have a sewing machine. All I need is a pattern. I guess I could take this one apart and use it to make a pattern, but I would prefer not to do that.

You can make these out of a variety of different materials. I probably wouldn't use leather as I'm not a leather artist, don't know how to work with it, though I do have a couple old leather jackets that I could cut up... hmmmm. At my favorite 2nd hand store I can buy lots of bits or different fabrics. I'm thinking if I got good at making these not only would I be able to have several for myself but also maybe sell some... something to think about. Make a good supply and take them to the Farmer's Market might be something that could work out. Yup, something to think about.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I really like that kind of hat..! even though I am a girl/lady, I always admired that kind of head dress..I call it head dress rather than a bandanna because it's more girly.. :)

Yes, it is fashionable and also it is very comfortable to wear..especially during summer.. :)

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