Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Garden

I guess it's about time to show you my garden. This is the first vegetable garden I've ever grown, though I have grown flower gardens before. I haven't done any gardening for many years. I've wanted, for a long time, to have raised bed gardens so I could do a garden, and a couple friends said they would help build some, so I bought a bunch of soils for the purpose... then no help came. The bags of soil & peat moss sat in the shed for a couple years. This year I got a great idea and it has been working out well.

Old bathtubs. Yes, that's right, bathtubs that no one wants anymore because they are the wrong color for their new bathroom, or just not as nice as the 'new' tub someone put in during a renovation. I recycle the old tubs and have a good solution for raised bed gardens.

Three bathtubs are put together here, two side by side and one across the end. In the pots are Stevia plants that will be brought inside for the colder months. What I have planted: cucumbers, kale, Swiss chard, curly & Italian parsley, chives, bell peppers (yellow, chocolate, banana & another kind I can't think of just now), beets, carrots, and peas.

Another good thing to plant in is an old deep freeze. This one was given to me many years ago and when it quit working it got moved out of the carport and just sat here. I had intended to take it to the dump and am no glad I didn't do so. It works well for this.

2 kinds of tomatoes, peppermint, lemon mint, 2 chocolate mint, catnip.

And over near the table & chairs hang 2 planters of tomatoes.

And the view? Rather nice actually. You can see a bit of it beyond the umbrella here...
... and here you can see more of the view. Oh, and another recycled item for my garden is the divider that was once for use in a car. I was given it when I had planned to get a small car and would want to keep Reba in the back of it. I never got the car and often thought I should get rid of that divider. Now it works great as a trellis for my peas to grow up.

I have another bathtub that still needs to be put in place, have rocks put into it for drainage, and have compost, peat moss and top soil into for planting. This will happen when it cools down a bit, this fall some time. It will be ready for next year when I will be able to get my planting done far earlier than I did this year. Also, this fall I plan to plant spinach... it likes cooler weather.



Ann Flowers said...

You have got a nice garden out there. I think a connection with plants means a connection with the nature itself.

Philo Sophie said...

What a beautiful view, and a beautiful garden, I randomly landed on your blog and am glad to have done so.

Daniel Golshani said...

You have a very nice garden but the view is what is breath taking. I could work in a garden with that view all day without any complaints. it must be very peaceful and enjoyable up there