Thursday, August 26, 2010


I really enjoy learning things. I wish I had realized this when I was a teenager in school, when my parents were paying all the bills and I had a fresh young mind just waiting to be filled with knowledge. Instead, I got married after grade 10... I was only 17 years old. How dumb is that!!! Now that I have been 39 years old for several years, and divorced for many more years than that, I think I am still too young for marriage, though not too old to still learn things. I don`t think that at this time I would go for Online Graduate Schools, but I do know that I learn lots of things through reading a lot of books and from taking part in life as well as going to Toastmasters. Not that I would ever knock any way of learning and certainly not of getting a certificate in something that interests you, just that I think we all must gain our knowledge in different ways at different times. I have taken my GED so have my grade 12 equivalency and at this time in my life don`t even feel I use most if any of what I learned there. I've taken many spiritual type courses and loved those though currently am not taking any classes. It`s been a fabulous summer and now is getting close to time for going back to Toastmasters after the summer holidays. I look forward to it and also I am sad to see the end of summer so near.

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