Thursday, August 26, 2010

Car Talk

Yesterday, while driving me and Koko to Edgewood, my friend D & I had much to talk about on many subjects. We were traveling in his little diesel burning car which gets many miles to the gallon (a.k.a. kilometers to the liter). He was telling me all the advantages to having a small car and especially a diesel burner. He also tells me he likes to have a good flashlight along in case of emergencies along the roads and that he is fond of led flashlights. He is a very environmentally friendly type preferring to use as little fuel as possible and it would be his wish to live off the grid entirely, something I expect to see him doing one day. D of course talked about the advantages of solar power in our homes, of wanting to research electric cars, etc. He even went so far as to tell me that his 4 door sedan would cost less to travel in that my trike would be. It cost me around $20 in gas to drive my trike to Edgewood & back, much less than it would cost to drive my truck. His car.... we didn`t fuel up so can`t say for sure, but it took about 1/4 tank of fuel and it costs him about $50 to fill it up... so likely about $12-15 for the round trip we took. DANG, it is cheaper to drive than my trike... though I guarantee it`s not as fun.

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camerabanger said...

I drive a 2002 diesel golf. I get a conservative 47 to 49 mph in the winter and 55 miles per gal in the summer. Honest count!

Why aren't more of these cars on the road? Also, why not diesel hybrids?