Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's Up With Reba...

I don't think Reba has Mesothelioma, though I do believe she has some other kind of cancer. She is doing rather well just now, though she has a large lump on her left shoulder, somewhat around the size of a baseball. I gently squeezed the lump (tumor??) to see if it caused her any pain and it didn't. So far as I can tell she is not in pain at this point. For a couple days her appetite was poor and she didn't eat anything unless I hand fed it to her and then she ate very little. The last couple days she has been much more interested in food again, more like her 'old self'. This is a big relief to me although I know that it is likely just a phase. I have been told that as a dog nears the end of its life it will seem bad then will 'rally' and seem to be much better, then suddenly that's the end. This may or may not be what's happening here. She appears to be much better now than she was a couple days ago. I know that when she goes it will be hard, and that I will live through it. I have more or less come to grips with what is happening. It is a natural thing and I believe it is good for Reba. Spirit never dies, only the body does. Now, when "the time comes" the challenge will be to hold on to this belief. The grief will be mine, not Reba's.

Reba Jane Rottenweiler has been a true blessing in my life. She is such a good dog. I know that God gifted her to me and our spirits are forever entwined.

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