Monday, July 12, 2010


Had a nice time at the pool today. I try to get there 3 times a week and of course more would be good. I often go with my friend J and sometimes her daughter M joins us too. Today J couldn't swim but M came to join me. J has a pinned-together ankle which she is going to have to start wearing a brace on. Her doctor wants her to loose weight and she wants to as well, though it's not easy to exercise when you have a messed up ankle, so she wants her doctor to give her some weight loss products. I know how she feels as I have a similar situation. I live in chronic pain and find walking can be rather painful at times. Personally, I don't believe in taking meds of any kind if I can at all help it, so always look for more 'natural' ways. Swimming is a very good thing to do. It doesn't feel like you are exercising because of the buoyancy and moving in water is very effective strength building activity. It really wears off the calories as it builds the muscles, good for my challenges with diabetes, fibromyalgia and arthritis. The only downer about it is I'm usually really hungry after I swim. Of course, if I eat wisely this isn't a problem.

With summer upon us, all the kids are out of school and many of them are at the pool. I am going to start going in earlier when the kids are less likely to be there. They are having a great time and it's nice to see them having fun... and I prefer peace and quiet over loud, noisy and splashing.

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