Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brakes on Trike

I like to carry tools with me when driving either my truck or my trike. Do I know how to fix my own vehicle? Well, mostly no. Oh, there are some things I can do, especially to my trike, though for the most part I would need some form of roadside assistance if I broke down. Years ago, when driving my old convertible, I discovered that sometimes someone will stop and want to help you but has no tools even though he knows how to fix the problem if he had tools to work with. Well, I carry tools. I recently bought some new tools just to carry on my trike. I've done a lot of the 'wrenching' on the trike, or helped Tuggy do a lot of it.

I didn't like the back brakes on my trike and Tuggy didn't seem to know what to do to make them work properly. To tell the truth, I had little and sometimes nothing for back brakes. A few days ago my friend Andrew returned from up north and came by to say hi. He had a look at my trike and said he didn't like the back brake peddle set up. I told his I didn't either and that my older brother had said the same thing. After asking if he could work on it for me and I yes "yes please" Andrew dug out some tools, I dug out mine, and he went to work with them. By the time he was done I have back brakes that actually work!!!! He said he's not finished yet, that there are some other things he wants to do yet, but knowing this helped he knows what to do next. Andrew is a machinist who obviously knows his job though he needs tools I don't have and he has up north but not here. He took some measurements to have one of his sons make up a couple things to send down here for him.

I am blessed to have good friends, and I am very grateful.

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