Thursday, July 29, 2010


After shopping with Pat I sent a text to Joyce to see if she & her daughter Melissa wanted to get together with me as we often do. We agreed to meet for ice cream at McDonald's North (there are 3 McD's in town here). I had to ride back from the town to the north where I was, this taking me through road construction that has been going on for a couple years now and is getting close to finished. It has been a very large project, making a 4 lane highway over a big hill to replace the old 2 lane that ran along the base of this hill/mountain. They are paving up there now and with it being 35.5°C, it was very hot up there. It was not a day you wanted to be sitting out there waiting for the flag person to let the traffic move along. Sitting there on my trike I was sizzling hot and very dry and had no shade. I knew if I had been driving the truck I would have shade from the roof, though with no air conditioning I would still have been sizzling hot. If we had been stuck there very long I'm sure I would have dried out like a prune or something and needed to not only rehydrate, but also would need to get some wrinkle filler or skin toned Poli Filla. LOL. By the time I got to McD's I sure was happy to chug down a very large, very cold water before eating my ice cream & drinking a cup of tea.

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