Sunday, July 25, 2010


Here are some photos of my trike windshield. This was given to me by my friend Graig and it had no mounting hardware with it. I took it to Tuggy and he designed/made mounting hardware. Hey, it works well even if it's not really pretty. Riding with a windshield is a lot better than riding without it as it cuts down the wind that is hitting your body as you drive, thereby cutting down on the 'wind fatigue'. It also gets a lot of the bugs that would otherwise hit the driver and the raindrops too when that is a factor. Bugs and raindrops really hurt when they hit your face or body parts at highway speeds. Granted, this windshield, being old, has many blemishes that even the best acne treatment wouldn't get rid of, though it was free and I am very grateful.

The other day when I was out at Tuggy's we prettied up the bottom mounting brackets. If you click on the photos to see the larger views you will see the changes we made.

You can see in these shots that the windshield was fairly long on the bottom... until the first day I rode it and you can also see where it broke on the one side. I guess it was under some pressure that I wasn't aware of.

My trike and my truck... both old, neither perfect, yet both are perfect for me and my lifestyle. I love driving them both. In the back of the truck are bottles & cans that I took and sold... got almost enough money to pay for the leather jacket I found in a 2nd hand store in extremely good condition.

This is the windshield when we cut it down. You can see here that the broken part is cut off and rounded up to look okay again. We cut the other side too and drilled holes for the mounting brackets.

Back on the trike... In the top photo the bottom mounting brackets aren't pretty though they are functional. In the bottom photo, you can see they look much better. Tug rounded off the corners/sharp edges and polished up the stainless steel, making them really shiny.


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