Saturday, June 05, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

- as much fun as it is to go places, it's always good to come home
- I sure am glad I have a laptop computer. I get to lay on my bed and 'compute'.
- it's great to have good friends and to meet new ones.
- I love a good cup of tea... with Stevia and milk please.
- eczema, yuck.
- sad for those of us left behind that in the last week Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, and Rue McClanahan have all passed away. Nice for them to be free.
- 2 weeks from now my Skills Test for my motorcycle license will be behind me.
- I'm really looking forward to bringing my trike home.
- I need to clean up my yard, cut back the spreading juniper, and clean out my carport.
- I am enjoying putting in raised bed gardens, watching the plants grow, and sitting in my back yard for the first time in years.
- I'm going to get one last cup of tea, then get ready for bed.

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