Saturday, June 05, 2010

Beautiful Day for a Ride.

This morning I got a call from Tug, asking what my plans were for the day. I said I was going to work at cleaning out my carport so I can put my trike in there when I bring it home. He said he'd come by before noon and help me, then maybe later we'd ride out to his place (on his trike) and go for a ride with both trikes. Shortly before 11am he shows up here in a bit of a 'fluff'. On his way here he'd seen several motorcycles and remembered that there was a HOG (Harley Owner's Group) ride today and decided we should go on it. In about 1o minutes I had changed my clothes, dressed to ride, and had fed all my animals. Off we went! There were over 100 motorcycles in this run. I couldn't count to know for sure how many, though I'd say easily over 100. So far as we saw, Tug's was the only trike. I forgot to take my camera so missed getting some very nice photos of the ride and the scenery along the way. We rode as far as Kamloops with them, then headed over to a small town nearby to visit his friend Al and his new girlfriend Angie. This was the first time I met them. Great people. I really enjoyed the visit. We had a really nice ride back from there, stopping along Montie Lake to enjoy a snack we picked up while fueling up the trike just east of Kamloops.

I really like my new helmet that I just bought. It's more comfortable than the old one I wore, though that was a good one too. This one has a visor to keep some sun out of your eyes, and it has 2 small vents to open and let air flow in when needed, as well as ear & neck protection that you zip out in the hot weather. Now I don't need to tie a scarf around to keep from getting ear aches from the cool wind blowing into my ears. I always wrap my long hair up and put it inside my helmet, or "lid" as it's nicknamed. This helps keep it from getting tangled and tied into knots, slows down the split ends and otherwise broken and damaged hair problems. Someone I once knew said to take prenatal vitamins to make healthier hair. I did buy & use a bottle of them, but there was no visible improvement. Maybe if I had used them for longer??

We went from a long drought to drowning, it has been raining so much and so heavily here lately. Yesterday I went out to ride my trike and we had to take short runs between down pours. I've ridden in back in rain before and it wasn't pleasant. This was my first time driving my own machine in the rain and it wasn't real fun. As you are driving down the road on a motorcycle the rain drops really sting when they hit the bare skin of your face. Ouch!! Today was rather iffy weather wise then turned out to be a beautiful day for a ride.

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