Sunday, June 06, 2010

Some Extra Touches

Tug called one day recently and said he bought some jewelry. He then admitted it was for my trike and said I owe him $15 for it, yet he refused to tell me what he'd spent my money on. I would have to wait until I went out there to see it. When I next went out, a couple days later, I agreed the purchase was well worth the money he'd spent and I gave him his $15 that he'd spent.

Front view and close ups: (click on photos for larger view)

Back view & a close up of center panel:

Remember the side view I showed you in an earlier post? Here it is again. The horse shoes on each side were previously worn by my horse Whiplash. The shoes on the tailgate were previously worn by one of the other horses, I think likely Wonder. They are larger than Whiplash would wear.

I know the wheels don't look that good in these pics. Here is a photo of one of them as I was cleaning and painting. I also painted the center part. They look oh so much better with the black in those openings and the center.

It has been a very interesting process... the building of a trike. There are things yet to be done, some will be visible while some will be 'inner works' stuff, and I am sooooo enjoying riding it, even if just on back roads. Less than 2 weeks left in my wait for the Skills Test.

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Thom said...

This is so cool. I love it :)