Monday, June 07, 2010


This morning, just before 7:30am I was getting ready to go to the Food Bank to do my volunteer work when Reba had something strange happen to her. She went to stand up and fell over on her side. A few minutes later, she walked the length of the bed and got a bit shaky then back legs went out from under her one way while front went the other way and down she went. She was breathing a bit hard though not severely. I sat there petting and talking to her for quite awhile then she finally managed to get up and walk though seemed a bit confused or maybe afraid it would happen again. I phoned the Food Bank and left a message that I couldn't come in today as my dog had some kind of seizure and I couldn't leave her alone. I think it may have been a small stroke, or 2 small strokes. It scared the heck out of me whatever is was.

I was just talking to Wendy on the phone and she said it sounds like a seizure, her other friend, Dianna, had a dog that had a mini stroke, then later another one, then a major stroke and had to be put down. Wendy said what I told her about Reba's incidence this morning sounds like what Dianna described about her dog.

Since then she has been appearing okay. She has eaten and has drank lots of fresh water, I think has drank more than usual in fact. She's gone outside to 'do her business' and has chased Mewsic. Hey, if she can chase the cat she must be feeling fairly good. I'm full of hope while I try to prepare myself for future episodes.

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Thom said...

Oh Alice I certainly hope not. Maybe she found something and ate it and upset her. Sending much aloha your way. Give her a big hug for me. :)