Friday, June 18, 2010

Trike's Home

Last week it was finally time to bring my trike home. Now that he's finished (conversion from 2 wheels to 3 wheels) he needs to be here. The photos that follow are of him on the trailer. I chose to trailer him home due to the fact that I only had my learners license and one of the 4 restrictions was that I could only drive at a maximum of 60 kilometers per hour... not fast enough for driving on the highways here. He was well tied down and made the trip very well. Tuggy followed me on his trike and helped me to unload mine just down the road from my home. My yard is on a steep hillside and not safe for doing this kind of thing, so I felt it was better to do it where there was less hill to tend with. Once off the trailer, I parked & locked the truck then road the trike home. Tuggy met me at the bottom of my driveway and drove me back to my truck which I then brought home, backed the trailer into it's spot with Tuggy's help (directing me where I couldn't see well enough), unhooked the trailer and parked the truck in it's spot. Then.... yup, hopped onto the trike and we went riding. That was Friday. We also rode on Saturday and on Sunday. It was an awesome weekend, and was even sunny for a change which went well with riding.

On Wednesday I took the trike in to town to a motorcycle mechanic that works out of his own home. I had called the Yamaha dealership regarding getting a bit of work done that Tuggy couldn't do and they said they don't work on anything older than 1990. I asked what those of us with older bikes do then and they gave me Gene's name & phone number. I had him do an oil change (2 1/2 liters oil & new filter), put in a new air filter, and air up the forks.... including labour the bill came to $50. I was very impressed that it was so low. Just for the oil change alone, if they would work on my old bike, Yamaha dealership would have charged $105.

Today I took my Skills Test. That's where I had to drive between pylons without hitting them, go fast and hit the brakes when he told me to, stuff like that. I passed the test!! Now 2 of the 4 learner's restrictions have been lifted. I no longer need to have a supervisor watching me ride, and I now can go highway speeds. Oh, and I had to display a red "L" on my trike and now don't have to do that anymore. I still have 2 restrictions... ride only from dawn to dusk and no passengers. These will be lifted when I pass the Road Test which I am booked to take on July 5th. It feels wonderful to be riding by myself now, rather than having to depend on others to ride with me. As I drove around town today it was amazing how many people were waving, giving me thumbs up, coming to talk to me where I parked, etc. all because this is a one of a kind machine that really stands out in a crowd.

I look forward to being able to 'pack' Reba along with me.

Tomorrow I have a Toastmasters Officer Training to go to in the city south of us... about an hour drive from my place to the city... then across the city to the college where it is being held, at least another 15-30 minutes, thankfully I can do most of it on 'back roads', avoiding the main highway through which is always very busy. I could car pool with 2 others from our club that are going... but I want to ride, lol.

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