Friday, June 11, 2010

Reba's First Ride

After doing one last bit of work on the brakes yesterday, it was time for a run around the yard. The trike is now ready to come home!! After I did a few 'check out the brakes now' turns around the yard I let Reba come for a ride. She had no issues at all about hopping into the box. I got in and called her, she ran over and hopped right in. I got out and closed the tail gate then for safety tied her in... she will always wear a tie down, something like wearing a seat belt. She is never not secured into a moving vehicle. As I knew she would, Reba loved her ride and is not quite the Biker Dog!! She had a big smile on her face and was not at all afraid as some people thought she might be.

~Click on photos for a larger view~

The man that built customized my Yamaha XJ650 Maxim, changed it from 2 wheels to 3... and the dog the work was done for. I could have ridden it with 2 wheels, but Reba couldn't have.

During the process of 'triking' my bike, not only did Tuggy & I become good friends, Reba & Tuggy did too.

Reba is comfortable enough in the box that when she was waiting for me to finish taking photos and go for another ride, she even sat down to relax. I think if she could she would drive this thing herself. She is 'quite the dog' and so very well suited to me... always up for a new adventure. I can see a speech in this story... Yup, I am a Toastmaster!

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clairesgarden said...

its fabulous!! love it!!