Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Incredible Weekend

What did you do this weekend?? Did you work? Maybe you did some gardening or reading, maybe just sat around watching tv? Or even dreamed of some Samsung product that you would like to have. I did not of the above.

On Friday, as I talked about in my last post, I took my motorcycle skills test and passed so am now legal to ride without a supervisor and at highway speeds. I had planned that if I passed, and I was sure I would, I was going to drive my trike to the Toastmaster Officer Training on Saturday. It was so cool to ride down there, I really enjoyed the ride. When I pulled in I didn't see anyone though there were a few cars there. It was 9:15am so I had lots of time and decided to ride back about 2 blocks to the Mac's store and get a tea. One cool thing about riding a trike instead of a bike is that I was able to carry my tea back to the College in the box on the back. When I got back to the College, Pat & Suzanne (form my Toastmasters club) saw me ride in and came to greet me, Pat with camera in hand telling me to stay put while she took a photo of me in full gear with my trike. It will be interesting to see the photo. Nell, from my old club also came over to greet me. It was awesome to see Nell again as I haven't seen her in some time and always liked her a lot. There were people there from a very long way away and it was a very interesting day. From 10-11 everyone was in the same room then split up into different groups in different rooms, depending on which workshops everyone was taking. 11-12 I was enjoyed a question & answer panel where 3 very long time, very 'high up' Toastmasters were on the panel being asked questions. It was very interesting. 12-1 was lunch break, lunch was included in our $20 fee for taking the training. The rest of the day I was in the President Training class as I am the incoming club President. Throughout the day I wrote around 12 pages of notes. It was shortly after 3pm when the training was over and Pat, Suzanne & I went to a local park to visit Pat's daughter, Kelly. After that we headed home, them in Pat's car and me on my trike.

Today, Sunday, I rode to town to Sunday Service at the Centre for Spiritual Living. It was nice to see people I hadn't seen in awhile and nice to get a really warm welcome. Many people took time to go see my trike and most were very impressed. After that, I had the feeling there was something I had wanted/meant to buy when next in town, though couldn't remember what that was so I just came home. I watered my raised bed gardens and gave Reba fresh water out in her run, then went to feed the birds and discovered what it was I needed to buy in town... I was totally out of bird food. I gave them all some spray millet and rode the trike to town to get a big bag of feed for them. It was such a beautiful day and I didn't want to just come home, so I decided to ride out to Tuggy's. He was happy to see me and while visiting we did some stuff on the trike, tightening bolts and such that had loosened with the vibrations of riding such a machine. My cell rang & was Don wanting to know if I wanted to go riding. I told him I was out at Tuggy's (they both live in the same small town, so only a few miles apart). Don (on his Harley) stopped at Tug's when he got that far, Tug's other friend Bucky came by on his Triumph motorcycle. After sitting around visiting awhile, we left Tug (his trike is broken down just now) and rode in to town where Don & I went to the bar for a bit (I drank my usual tea). Then we rode in to Vernon and had a bite to eat at a pub just outside town after which we rode in to town so I could fuel up my trike (was on my reserve tank at this point) then rode to my place. We just sat down in my back yard when it started to rain so Don left to make his 30 minute ride home. He called when he got home and said it was a wonderful ride home, the rain stopped just a couple kilometers from my place.

It was a really incredible weekend... my first as a true 'biker'.


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