Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Weather and Yard...

I was beginning to think one might have to travel to Florida and rent one of those orlando timeshare places in order to get some decent weather, then today surprised us all (even the weatherman, I'm sure) when it was clear, sunny and fairly warm (high of 22 degrees Celcius) though it had been forecast to be raining again as most days have for some time now. The forecast for tomorrow keeps changing so I guess I will have to wait to see what it's like, though I am hoping for another day like today as my plans are to go to where my trike is and go for a ride. In 17 days I go to do my Skills Test, so guess I better get skillful.

Today I wasn't feeling quite as splendid as I like to feel, so I stayed home instead of going to my Aqua Therapy group. I really do need to go do the exercises in the water as they do help me a lot, though I don't seem to make it there every time. Oh well, there's always next week. Dan came by this morning and helped me move 2 more bathtubs into my back yard. We put one into place though the other one not yet. I need to do a bit of clean up work before putting the tub in place and filling it with rocks and soil. Now to find more rocks to haul home... hmmmm. My raised bed gardens will soon be all in place, filled, planted and growing. I also moved a rack to the back yard to hang plants on. It's coming along fairly nicely and I know I will enjoy it out there this year.

Now I'm off to get ready and go to Toastmasters. I am wearing several hats there this evening as many of our members are away. I will be the Grammarian/Ah Counter, the Table Topics Evaluator, a Speech Evaluator, and give the Closing Thought as well as supply the Snack for this evening. Tim Bits and Tea... yummmy.

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