Sunday, May 30, 2010

My License Woes

As I said in my last post, " I still only have my learner's license, so have restrictions to what I'm actually allowed to do... only allowed to drive at a max of 60 km per hour, must at all times be accompanied by an adult with a valid bike license, can't carry a passenger and can't ride after sundown." I wrote my Knowledge Test the start of April and was told that there was a minimum of 2 weeks between tests. What they didn't tell me was to book in advance. I thought that once the trike was fully ready for the road I could insure it and go for my next two tests, then be fully licensed for the summer. NOT!!! I called a few days ago and found out that there are waiting lists and it will take 3 weeks to get in for my Skills Test (in parking lot, push it around, ride it around cones and all sorts of different things like that). For the final test, the Road Test, where you have to ride around town with the examiner following in a car, they are already booking into July and I can't book an appointment for that until I pass my Skills Test. This means that by the time I get to take that test it could be sometime in September or October! The snow could be flying before I get licensed to ride my trike!!!! This does not make me a happy camper! Once I pass the Skills Test 2 of the restrictions will be removed, meaning I will be able to drive at proper highway speeds, and I won't have to have a supervisor with me at all times. This will make things much better, though it still means I can't carry a passenger (so long as they don't class Reba as a passenger I'm okay with that) and I can't drive after sundown... not so good if I'm out somewhere and have to come home early or stay there all night. For example, if I want to ride to my Toastmaster's meeting (and I do) I can't because it's dark before it's over. I could be saving loads of dollars in gas money if I could be riding my trike instead of driving my truck... and if it would stop raining. Of course, I have to spend some extra on sun screen, face and eye creams that work, and anything else it takes to keep my face from getting all leathery and wrinkled in the summer wind and sun while riding.

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