Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Done... mostly

I've been riding my trike!! Several days I rode it around the yard where Tuggy lives, where my trike was converted from a 2 wheeler to a 3 wheeler... bike to trike. The next step was to insure it and go for short rides down the road that is just across the highway from afore mentioned yard. That was wonderful, though not as wonderful as the day we went for a ride into town.

A couple days before the ride in to the rodeo.

After these photos, I painted part of the mags... will include another photo soon.
The horseshoes are off my "skin horse" that is no longer in my life and I still miss him so much after many years of not having him anymore. The flames are done with 'Diamond Dust', so glitter and shine a lot in the sunshine.

My gas tank with lots of Diamond Dust to create the Ghost Flames.

Last Sunday, the 24th of May, I drove (with Tuggy following on his trike) the 2 km into the small town where he lives. Each May long weekend they host a big rodeo and loads of bikers come to town... not to watch the rodeo and I'm not really sure why, but they do. I still only have my learner's license, so have restrictions to what I'm actually allowed to do... only allowed to drive at a max of 60 km per hour, must at all times be accompanied by an adult with a valid bike license, can't carry a passenger and can't ride after sundown. This meant that we had to ride in along the shoulder rather than in the main flow of the highway at 90 km/hr. It was pretty a incredible feeling pulling into town on my own machine, especially with many people already lined up waiting for the parade. Of course we parked by the pub where all the bikers park... many more bikes arrived after I took these photos.

You can see the back of my trike in this one. There will later be horseshoes on the outer pieces of cedar on my tailgate.

Many of the bikers, cowboys and other assorted people were checking out my trike. Tuggy was pretty proud that it was getting so much attention and I didn't mind either. :o)

After the parade we went for lunch, then for a ride up a 'side road' that goes out of town and through the mountains, past lakes and over creeks and cattle guards. After awhile we turned around and returned to town where we stopped to visit with a few people, then rode back to Tuggy's. This was the longest ride I've done and was awesome!! 35 km all together. A short distance by most standards, but was still a thrill. Riding motorcycle, or at least trike, is hard work and requires a fair amount of upper body strength. I've always been very strong which is a good thing, and even so I find it a real work out on my arms, upper back and hands. It is not one of the best fat burners, yet sure is a workout when you're not used to it.

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