Monday, April 26, 2010

My New Monday Schedule

Today I started my new volunteer job. I am working at the Food Bank. Really big bags of mixed donuts, muffins, and other baked sweets come in and we have to dig out off that sloppy mess, putting 3 items into smaller bags. After that was done, I was given 2 bags of sugar and some 'zip lock' type bags.... put the sugar into a big bucket and then scoop 1 1/2 cups of sugar into each zip lock bag. Next was rice... same bucket, same zip locks, 2 cups of rice into each baggy. Then, a big bucket of peanut butter (not the 'natural' kind I like with just peanuts, this is the more common kind with huge amount of sugar and chemicals to preserve it and to keep the oil from separating out). I scooped this into plastic containers and put lids on. Before I left I washed all coffee/tea cups and all the counters. There were 2 other women working too, though they left earlier than I did, and other were others in other areas. I actually enjoyed doing this, though did most of it standing so my back was killing me. I did grab a chair and sit down later on, but too little too late. I find it hard to work while sitting on a chair, especially at a counter. Anna, the lady in charge, suggested I put the bucket of peanut butter onto another chair beside me so I can reach it better. Good idea... or maybe take a tall stool from here to sit on each time I work there. I am happy to be doing something to help out.

Monday is one of the days I do Aqua Therapy. I am done at the Food Bank at noon and go to the pool at 2, so figured I'd be able to work on my speech for tomorrow night and be on time for therapy. Then I left without my pool bag, so no bathing suit and not towels, shampoo, etc. I drove home to get it and decided to lay down for a bit to rest my sore back.... by the time I work up it was too late to go to therapy. Dang!! Sleep wasn't in my plans. I also didn't work on my speech. I must get to it.

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Kay | Color Printing Wholesale said...

It seems like you have very hectic schedule. When I have a jam-packed day when I was still in college, I don't have plans for sleep too, after my part time job in the morning, i would go home to pick my things for school, and if I saw the couch I will immediately convinced myself that I need a nap, and when I do, I end up being absent for my first class. :))