Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Making Headway... I hope

I've been working at cleaning up my home. You see, it's gotten pretty bad... I suffer from a terrible disease called Flat Surface Syndrome where you are compelled to pile things onto any and all flat surfaces in your home... including the floor. It is a terrible thing to live with... sigh. Anyway, I am working at overcoming it. My friend Tuggy asked me to clean at least my bathroom so he could feel more comfortable when he comes to visit me. I think that is fair and have made some progress in there. I cleared all the clothes off the vanity and the only things on there now are things that belong on a vanity (a nice cloth, some books, 2 mirrors - one that lights up and one that doesn't, hair and face products). The other day I purchased 3 curtains at the thrift store, really long and very narrow. When I first looked at them I wondered what they could be used for, then thought of the bathroom. I cut one down to make the cloth for the vanity and hemmed a piece I cut off of it to put onto the back of the toilet. I have also shortened one, changing the top of it so it can be put onto a rod rather than hung on a window with the standard metal thingies. When I get the next one shortened and the top changed, these 2 will be hung by the tub, just to make it look prettier. I have a see-through shower curtain and these will add a little something to the look. I used to have while curtains up there and now will use them somewhere else.

Tuggy was here a couple days ago, sitting at my computer desk that was piled high with 'stuff'. He started putting things into drawers and handing me things "put this in the back room, your tools don't belong on your computer desk" or "here girl, put this away". The desk sure looked good when he was done... now if I can only keep it that way. Some things are on it, but not for long :o)

Tonight, talking to Tug on the phone, he said to pack a bunch of my clothes into big bags then I can sort through them and return the 'keepers' to the closet, putting the ones I don't want or no longer fit into shipping boxes and taking them to the thrift shop. I have lots of clothes hanging and stacked in my laundry room so when I put all the clothes from my closet into bags or boxes I will move most of them from the laundry room to the closet... and some into boxes or bags to go to the thrift store. A couple weeks ago I took a big bag of clothes to the thrift and have nearly another bag ready to go... maybe will drop it off tomorrow.

Yup, I will win the fight against this nasty Flat Surface Syndrome.... or die trying. I never was the greatest house keeper, always was a bit cluttered, but never anywhere near as bad as I am now. A few years of depression and 28 or so years of pain takes its tole on people. I, however, and not going to let any of that win.

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clairesgarden said...

I knew it!! I am not messy I have a syndrome!!! thankyou so much for bringing it to my attention!!
I've been trying to clear up too, and empty some cupboard space, I always worry that I might need something one day......