Monday, April 26, 2010

Reba... etc.

Yesterday I was out at Tuggy's working on my trike. I painted the rearend and some other parts, so it's starting to look better. Tuggy has the mufflers on now, so all there is to do to make it ride-able is to get the back brakes working properly. There is some unplanned problem with them, so Tuggy will be pulling them apart in the next couple days to see what the problem is and fix it. The box for the back also needs to be finished, though I can ride around in the yard, learning to ride it, without the box.

While I was out at Tuggy's, I had Reba in the truck and went out to give her the chance to go potty. While I was doing that, and while she was on the tailgate of my truck, up high where I could work properly, I took off the bandage from her surgery. It was not pretty and I felt a bit sick having to look at it. It is wide open! There was a thin strip of stitches with a bit of skin laying loose in the open wound, and the wound was seeping/oozing blood. Thankfully, when I told Tuggy about it, he dug out some bandages that he had there and came to the truck to hold Reba's head for me while I worked and got it wrapped up again. I don't know if I should take her back to the vet or not as I don't think there is anything they can do that I can't. It has to be wrapped up to keep dirt out of the open wound and I feel like I should put some kind of ointment on it but know that I can't be putting the bandaging on and off all the time so will have to be something that only needs to be put on every 3-5 days when I do a bandage change.

Ahhh, sometimes I wish I could just do a "click here" kind of thing to be led to the right answers for the questions I have at any given time. "Want to talk to God? Just click here!" or something like that. I have several questions I could use a good answer to, lots of issues I'd like guidance in solving. Yup, normal life here.

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Thom said...

If it is still looking bad I might take her to the vet :)