Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Hair

When I was a kid, I had really thick, curly hair. How thick was it? It was so thick that I kept breaking hair brushes when trying to brush it. My brothers did the same. The handles would just snap right off them. Finally Mom found some 'unbreakable' brushes and even though they were more expensive they were well worth it and saved a lot of money in the long run. Now both brothers have short hair that is somewhat receding, though they're not bald. My sister Marcy and I both have lost a lot of hair and you can see M's scalp and though not quite so much you can see mine too. I sometimes wonder about hair loss treatment. I also wonder if eating a raw diet will help with my hair as it helps cure many other disorders. I would really love to have my naturally curly hair grow in thicker again. I've always been told that my hair is my best feature and I don't want to loose it. I used to dye my hair though I eventually became allergic to the dye so now leave it natural. As my friend Drew says, I have 'just a touch of class' at my temples... as well as some 'silver strands' mixed throughout the rest and no one seems to even notice those 'albino hairs'. I am always told "you don't even have any gray in your hair". Guess you have to look a bit closer.

I am very grateful for my beautiful, natural curly hair.

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Caring Mom said...

I randomly fell upon this article. Although I have never met you, please don't believe that your hair is your best feature. It is probably only one of them. Smiles and personality do not turn grey or fall out. After having a child with hairloss in the vain world of Los Angeles, I can write this. I'm glad you enjoy your hair. It takes great confidence for many to see their own beauty. You must have had an excellent caregiver growing up.