Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Great Day!

Some people choose quicktrim, and some of us choose a slower form of weight loss. To each his/her own. I don't know how the quicker kind works, but I do know how TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) works because that is the track I am on.

Today I led my first meeting and attended the Installation Banquet. I joined TOPS Armstrong January 15, 2009 so I did attend the Installation Banquet last year though it didn't really mean a lot to me then. It meant a LOT more to me this year.

I have become the Co-leader of my TOPS group. As well as helping the Leader, this means that if any of the executive members is absent I will step in and do their job until they return, be that the Leader, Secretary, Treasurer, or either of the Weight Recorders. Today our Leader was absent from the meeting, setting up for the banquet, so I ran the meeting. I think it went pretty well.

At the banquet, I was honored as the Division 4 Winner. Each weight group is a Division, so if you weigh 100 - 150 pounds you are in one Division, 150 - 200 is another Division, 200 - 250 another, etc. etc. Division 4 is, at least in our group, the largest Division, it's the 150 - 200. I weighed 16 pounds less at our last meeting of the year than I did at the first meeting I attended in January, the largest 'loss' in our group. The Division 4 Runner Up lost 15 1/4 pounds, so it was close. We each were honored and given a Carnation, a charm for our scarves, and a sash to wear. I will see if I can get a photo from someone who had a camera and show you soon. The winner of Division 3 lost 33 pounds... WOW!!

All of the outgoing executive members were thanked for the work they did over the last year... and the new executive was sworn in. Yup, this included me as the new Co-leader. I made some center pieces for the table which were gifted to the outgoing executive. I took old records (for those of you that are younger, a record is like a really big CD and is made of vinyl) and heated them in the oven so I was able to shape the softened records into bowl-like shapes. Into each of these I put a 4" pot of Pansy plants, each with a different color blooms. We have 6 on the executive this year and I forgot we had an extra weight recorder last year so I only made 6 so I am going to do up one more to give to Debbie. I will take some photos and post them here.

There was a door prize and I was very fortunate in that I won it!! What is it?? A tea cup with a screen strainer inside and a lid. The strainer is almost like a cup that sits inside the Fine Bone China cup. You put loose tea in the strainer and add your hot water, then put on the lid to keep it warm while it steeps, remove the strainer and you have a great cup of tea. I LOVE tea and drink a lot of it. This cup is just too perfect for me, lol. Oh ya, it has dogs on the cup and lid. No, not Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, but close enough.

This evening Drew phoned from up north to tell me he'd gone to a Toastmasters meeting up there. He was very enthused having had a great evening and wanted to share it with someone he knew would understand and be happy for him. I find it very sad that he doesn't find this with his wife. It was wonderful to hear from him and to tell him about my day with TOPS and finding out Reba will be getting her life-saving surgery.

Yes folks, it has been a very full and extremely wonderful day!!! I hope your day has been a great one too.

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