Thursday, April 08, 2010


Blow your horns, beet your drums, blow your whistles, beet your outdoor rugs, and scream 'n shout!!! Yup, it's GREAT NEWS!!!

Today while I was at my TOPS Instillation Banquet, I was interrupted by a phone call that I was very happy to take. Heather, from The Vernon & District Animal Care Society, called about financing Reba's surgery and she said they can do it!! I am sO happy... "stoked" even. They will pay for amputating the toe with the cancer tumor on it. This is no guarantee that Reba will live, but it is a very good chance she will. My friend Wendy knows a guy who had a rottweiler that got cancer on his toe just like Reba's and he died shortly after the surgery. I am very hopeful that this will not happen to my girl and she will still live a few more years after this. She has aged a lot through all of this, but once the pain is gone I think she'll return to her previous bouncy young-for-her-age self.

I called the vet office to book the surgery and it will be Tuesday April 20. This seems like way too long to wait, 12 days, that's nearly 2 weeks!!! And yet it's been over a month, more like over 2 months since she started having the problems so she's nearly at the end of it. I don't know what the recovery time is like after a toe amputation, but I'm sure it will seem a short time in comparison to what we've been through so far.

Celebrate, my friends, celebrate!!


Travis said...

That's grand news! I hope everything works out for you and Reba!

Thom said...

WOOT!!! That is good news. I'm so happy for you and Reba :)

clairesgarden said...

I'm sorry I did not know Reba has not been well, best of luck with her surgery, she is a fine dog and will pull through!! many blessings.