Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What I'm Up To.

So far this morning I slept in, cuddled with Mewsic (the cat), texted with Wendy, and mostly laid here playing solitaire on my laptop. Not a busy morning. My plans for this afternoon are to go do a dump run for Wendy. She has garbage to go to the dump, I have a truck... that's a match. She'll put gas in my truck which is a good thing as I am nearly on empty. This evening we will go together to the Army Navy Air Force club as we do pretty much each Wednesday evening. It is Meat Draw this evening and though I don't buy tickets for it many of our friends do so it's usually a fun time out.

So now I must go have something to eat, take my multivitamins, and get dressed, then go take a bath tub out of my utility trailer and hook up the trailer to haul the garbage in. Yes, I could haul it in the truck but I'd have to take the hay out as well as Reba's bed, so I figure it's just easier to take the trailer even though it's a challenge as I'm not great at backing that thing up. However, practice does make perfect.

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