Sunday, April 11, 2010


A couple weeks ago, March 28 to be exact, I stepped down from the Board of Trustees at the Okanagan Centre for Positive Living. I also stepped down from the volunteer employment I was doing there. I felt it was time for a change. After 4 years there I felt like I needed to have some distance in order to gain some respect back. I have put in applications for volunteer jobs at the BC SPCA and at the local Food Bank. I have heard nothing back so far and I think it is time to do more follow up on these jobs. I have done some, though I guess not enough. I didn't think it would be hard to get a volunteer job in a city that is crying for volunteers. I find it rather odd, in fact, that they aren't a little more 'johnny on the spot' with following up when people apply to work for them for free. The lady at the SPCA said yes, they have work for me and will be very happy to have me, that she & another lady would figure out where to put me, what would suit me with my back problems. I have never heard back from her, though she has now stepped down from manager of the SPCA. Hmmmm.

There is a Volunteer Bureau here, so I guess I'll go talk to them and see what they have to offer. I want to get my 10 hours in before this month is ended and that is coming up all too soon. My disability pension gives me an extra, much needed, $100 each month that I do volunteer work for a non-profit society, so it is very important that I get too it.

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peppylady (Dora) said...

Change is good usual. I like change jobs but with our econmy I just can't chance it.

Coffee is on,