Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three Word Thursday

  • cromack n. a staff, stave or walking stick.
  • accidie n. sloth, tupor
  • fissiparous adj. tending to break up into parts
After taking his morning dose of phentermine, Roger decided to go for a walk and see if that would help him wear off the pounds a little more quickly. He had been living the life of a couch potato of late... a total accidie in fact. He picked up the cromack he kept by the back door and quietly let himself out. It was a nice sunny spring day, a most fine day for taking a walk. He walked down the length of his sidewalk and went to open the gate that would let him out of his yard, out onto the street that would lead him to who knows where. As he reached out and moved the latch to open the gate, the latch fell off, then the gate fell crooked, hanging from one rusty hinge. "You stupid old fissiparous!" he muttered to the gate. "Oh to heck with it! I'm tired, I think I'll take a nap." he said as he turned around and shuffled slowly back up the walk.

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Anonymous said...

Any old excuse I suppose. Great story.

The Rain Crab said...

:) Thanks for the new words Alice!

quilly said...

Hey -- why didn't you sign in to Mr. Linky? Nobody even knows you played along. Great use of the word and excellent insertion of link! I'm glad my words could help.

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