Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Good News

Well, I have good news and bad news. In this post I will share the good news... time for the other later.

Today I went to the Motor Vehicle Office and took the Knowledge Test to get my Class 6 Learners License. I don't know about other places, but here in BC Canada a class 6 is for Motorcycles. The MV Office is in the Access Centre, a government office where there are lots of things done... property taxes paid, ummmm, I don't know what all. When you go in there is a place for you to line up and wait.... and wait.... and wait. Then you get called to the next available agent. The agent I talked to took me to an area where my vision was checked. I have worn glasses for a long time, many years, and it has never been a restriction on my license. Now it is... restriction number 21.

Next I was told to go to booth #2 to 'write' my Knowledge Test. It is all computerized, of course. There were 35 questions, each with 4 answers and I got to choose which was the right or best answer. I found that some of them were not even in the manual I was given to study for this test. I guess they want to make sure nobody gets 100%. So, it took me 12.5 minutes and was over. Out of 35 questions, I got 32 of them correct... 91%.

Back to the line up which was even longer by this time. Wait.... wait.... wait. Finally "I'll help the next person here." So up I go as I was the next person by this time. I stand there and she keeps typing away at her computer, not yet finished the last job she was doing. The next agent then calls the next person in line and he's being helped while I still stand and wait. Grrrr. Can't say anything though. Then she finally got done with that and did what she had to do for me. By the time I left I was carrying my yellow slip of paper (Learner Driving Permit) for my class 6, a computer print out of my test score, and a bag containing my new manual I have to study for the next test, a driver's log for keeping track of the hours I spend practicing (each time has to be signed by my 'supervisor', and a big red letter L which must be displayed on my trike at all times during my learning period.

Oh ya, the bag also contained a long LONG list of fines and points I will get if I violate the laws and restrictions, such as not displaying the L, going over 60K/h (40 mph), riding without a supervisor, riding other than from dawn til dusk, etc etc etc etc.

No, to some of you funny people like Thom, this does not mean I will be taking out a life insurance policy. I know I will be a safe driver and besides, I have no one to leave money to, haha.

Anyway, the good thing is I now can start learning to ride my trike... just as soon as my trike is finished being built. I sure hope that's soon. It seems that every time it gets close there's another problem to slow things down.

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Thom said...

Well congrats. I was just getting ready to call Farmers Insurance. LOL