Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Sunny-Day Ride

Today Reba & I took a run down to Lake Country to pick up some meat from the butcher there. I feed Reba raw meat and this is a good, ground up mix. If I buy 100 pounds or more I get it for $1 per pound, less than 100# is $1.19 per #. It took a lot of work and skill to fit all this meat into my freezer once I finally got home and packed it all inside the house. I only have a tiny apartment size freezer which has a big turkey and some free range beef in it, so not much room for another 100# of meat. The last 5 or 6 pounds had to go into the already over full fridge freezer. I think I need to go through that one day and clean out all the too-old stuff that got lost in the shuffle and not used. I am fairly sure there must be some of that in there.

While on our trip there & back, I saw 16 motorcycles and 1 trike!!! I soooo envy all those people out riding on such a beautiful sunshiny day!! I am grateful I was out driving in my truck, and I soooo look forward to when I too will be running down the road on my trike. I can hardly wait until it is on the road.

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