Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reba - Update

Lois asked if I could use a cone on Reba to stop her from licking her sore toe. I don't have a cone, nor do I like the idea of using one if not totally needed. Some say it's good for them to lick their wounds while others say it's not good. Yesterday I tried to wrap her foot and it didn't work. Today I tried again and managed to succeed. I help a small cloth on her toe, wet with Colloidal Silver, and wrapped a bit of cloth around to hold it in place. Then I pulled an old sock of mine over it all and ran some masking tape around the leg a few rounds to hold it in place. It stayed on fairly well. I haven't yet gotten a good look at the toe this evening, though I did unwrap it for her some time ago as it was very wet from her licking at the sock.

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Gattina said...

Poor Reba ! You know what helps are baby socks they just fit around the paw and you fix it with plaster. I have never seen a cat or a dog with these cones. I don't like them either and my vet never told me to put one on for my cats. I wonder if they even exist because I have never seen them in a pet shop or elsewhere.