Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I went to the Centre and did my programs, for what I believe to be the last time. I know that Dale has not bothered to find someone else to do the job and seems to think he can get me to continue it even though I said I'm resigning. Oh well, not my problem.

Next, I went to Tim Horton's for tea with a friend I haven't seen for awhile. Don was in Hawaii for the greater part of winter and just came back a couple weeks ago so this is the first I've seen him since he returned. He called this morning and asked if I wanted to get together as he was coming in to town. He lives about 40 minutes from here.

While we were sitting in Tim's, there was suddenly a loud crash!! A car had hit the side of the building and pushed part of the wall in. She hit just under a very large window, managing to not break it while pushing it and part of the wall in some ways. An older couple was sitting right there and got quite a shock, though didn't get hurt, thankfully. That kind of shock can be a real natural fat burner, as well as being hard on a person's heart, especially an elderly person. I think they were somewhere in their 80s, maybe early 90s... it can be very hard to judge age. Apparently the driver, a woman that I guess to be in her 60s, had hit the gas peddle instead of the break. I'm not sure how one does this, though apparently a short while ago there was a young fellow who had just gotten his driver's license and did the very same thing at this same Tim Horton's. (We have 4 Tim Horton's in our small city.)

The ambulance came to check out the elderly couple, the fire department came to check out the damage to the building and put up their yellow tape to keep people away from the now unstable area, and finally the police showed up. One would think that being as Tim Horton's is a doughnut shop the police would have been there first! I took some photos to share here though now my camera is still in the truck and I'm here, so will have to share later.

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